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Using ReactJS and KendoUI Together

ReactJS has fundamentally challenged & changed the way I view web UI. The brief time that I've been working with it has been full of "aha!" moments that have rekindled excitement for the web in a way that I haven't felt in years. Much of that excitement is due to the fact that React views the UI differently that what we're ... Read More

Listing Git Branches In Order of Most Recent Commit

On a scale of 1-10, I'd say my "git fu" is maybe a 4 - with an occasional Google-search-fueled boost to a 5.5. I'm more than happy to stand on the shoulders of giants, though. Recently, while working on machina.js, I was transitioning from the v0.3.7 release back to my prep work for v0.4. I ... Read More

Talking ReactJS at NoogaJS

I had the honor of talking about ReactJS at NoogaJS last night. I've always been pleasantly surprised at a consistently strong turnout at Chattanooga's JavaScript developer group - and really appreciate the hard work that Andrew Pierce and Brian Hooper put in to making this group happen. This was my first chance to give this particular talk - and, as ... Read More

It's Not Hard: Making Your Library Support AMD and CommonJS

Proponents of AMD and CommonJS – two different 'specs' around creating modules in JavaScript – have been arguing for years at this point over which one is the best approach. I've heard devs on both sides of the debate declare that their side had won, debate over. Myopic nonsense. It's easy to come away from this debate thinking you're stuck with an ... Read More

I'm Not Good Enough to Be an Impostor

Are We Alike? Most of my life, I've had a knack to pick things up - a new subject, a new instrument, a hobby. Whether it was making our logistics team more efficient in one of my college jobs, eking the best quality out of some of the early (and terrible) recording software in versions of Windows I've blocked out ... Read More

Turning it Off and Back On Again

Hi there. I once had a blog. It was terrible - or rather, I was a terrible writer. AND - it turns out the adults who encouraged me as a kid to go out and live my life to gain experience worth sharing were absolutely right. I've definitely gained experience - whether or not it's worth sharing, I leave up ... Read More